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The Mercier project covers an alkaline intrusive body trending northeast and extending over approximately 6 kilometres in length by 2 to 3 kilometres in width. The property is comprised of 61 designated cells covering some 3865ha located some 130km East of Senneterre in NTS map sheets 32B11 and 32B12.

The intrusive complex was initially discovered during a regional airborne magnetic survey along the Grenville-Superior transition zone. Quebec Cartier Mining Co. staked a bi-lobate area characterized by a high magnetic signature and subsequent drilling outlined zones with high magnetite content. Rio Tinto Canadian Exploration Ltd. optioned the project in 1974 and completed soil geochemistry, ground geophysics and a drill fence across the southern lobe of the intrusive outlining copper mineralization grading up to 0.6% over 1.5 metres. It is important to note that of the 3 diamond drill holes completed by Rio Tinto, only the last was sampled over selected intervals and assayed for copper.

The property was thereafter subjected to sporadic exploration, first in 1976 by International Minerals and Chemical Corporation for its phosphorus potential, then by Shell Canada Resources Inc. in 1980 to evaluate the theoretical potential of several geophysical conductors and last by Norcal Resources Ltd. and Gold Giant Minerals Inc. while evaluating the potential for gold of rocks from the Superior Province Formations extending into the Grenville Province.

In August of 2007, Threegold Resources, prior to the acquisition of the claims, carried out a due diligence MMI soil geochemistry on the project. The results from this survey outlined broad areas anomalous in copper, nickel and cobalt in two specific targets. The first stands out as a well circumscribed circular anomaly while the second traces a discontinuous linear anomaly along the northeastern flank of the complex. Both anomalies are continuous over several hundreds of metres. It is of interest to note that the only hole assayed by Rio Tinto intersected the anomalous linear MMI trend in an area characterized by a low MMI copper response.

The 2008 diamond drill program consisted of 11 holes totalling 4418 metres. The results outlined the potential of the intrusion notably for Rare Earth Elements. A follow-up program is currently in preparation and slated to begin early in the year 2010.

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