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Why is it important to support exploration companies in Canada?

"I believe it is important to support exploration companies in Canada because they provide jobs for Canadians. Exploration companies are the ones who explore new areas, find deposits and then sell or lease them to other companies".

  • Gabriel Beaudry Desbiens, 12 years old (at time of interview).

To Gabriel and many other people around the world, mining is what makes people smile. It means opportunity and prosperity for all, which is something most Canadians can appreciate, whether they live near a mine site or not.

Canada has some of the largest mineral resources in the world with many different types of mines across the country. About 10% of the Canadian population works directly or indirectly in the mining industry.

Gold, diamonds, copper, zinc, potash are just some of the resources that are mined in various regions across Canada. Currently there are about 500 active mines in Canada and many other sites which have stopped their operations but contain valuable minerals left behind for future generations.

About 1/3rd of Canadian exploration companies found deposits which are being mined around the world. The rest either failed to find anything of value, explored areas with no potential for mining or were bought by larger companies who had better success exploring in that area.

The mineral resources that Canada has are very important for countries all over the world, especially developing nations where many people don't have access to modern technology. Mining is one of the main industries in Canada that can help poor countries have access to essential items such as cell phones, computers, cars and household appliances.

Unfortunately exploration companies are not supported or appreciated by many people around the world because they see them only as destroyers of nature when in reality modern mining is both safe for humans and environmentally friendly.

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Mining companies are constantly looking for new deposits to keep up with demand, which means there are always jobs available in the mining industry. Exploration companies employ geologists, biologists, engineers and many other different types of professionals who together make sure that any project can be carried out safely while following strict environmental laws.

Mining is one of the biggest employers in Canada and is an important part of the economy as it brings money from all over the world to help pay for public services such as health care, education and infrastructure.

The Canadian mining industry directly or indirectly provides work for about 1 out of every 10 Canadians and contributes nearly $60 billion to the national economy each year. More than 70,000 Canadians are directly employed in the mining industry while more than 370,000 work in industries which make their products or technology.

Mining companies are responsible for developing the regions where they operate by building roads, pipelines and social infrastructures such as hospitals, schools etc. Many towns throughout Canada owe their existence to mining because it was the mine that helped build their community in the early days.

Some people may think that mining companies are only interested in making money and don't care about the communities where they operate. But, exploration companies have a unique role in helping create jobs and developing infrastructure which benefits all Canadians. The time from when a company is formed to when it starts operating can be very long compared to other types of businesses. Founders And investors need to make sure they can pay salaries and other expenses for a long period of time. Most mining companies in Canada don't make any money until the actual mine begins operating, even if it's been years since they discovered the deposit.

They usually enter into an agreement with the government where they agree to build hospitals, roads and schools in exchange for permission to mine. Mineral royalties are one of the main sources of revenue which help pay for services across Canada. They provide much needed funds to build infrastructure in remote areas where people don't have access to hospitals or reliable transportation.

The Canadian mining industry is very well regulated and companies must follow rules established by the government before exploration can begin,during the actual exploration and development of a potential mine or once operations have started. Protesters who claim the mining industry doesn't follow strict environmental rules should actually be looking at industries such as oil and gas, petrochemicals, forestry and agriculture to name just a few.

We are all aware that for Canada to continue being one of the most preferred places in the world to invest, the mining industry should be responsible for its actions. It should also continue playing a significant role in helping other countries develop infrastructures that are essential for their growth and development.

Mining companies are very proud of what they do and are continuously making improvements which help benefit communities where they operate. People are invited to take the time to look at facts when reading about mining stories in the news or online.

All companies, whether they are involved in exploration, development or production, work very hard. People should all recognize their efforts and not let false claims go unchecked!

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